Arguably one of the most prestigious and desirable of Sydney’s estates, Pulpit Point comprises 134 residences from free standing homes to townhouse and unit style accommodation. The Estate is spread across many acres of prime harbourfront land and includes two pools, tennis courts, community centre and one of the few private marinas on the harbour.

47380Pulpit Point

Hunters Hill has always been an area much sought after amongst the cognoscenti. That it is not better known and understood by those unfamiliar with its particular attractions is not a cause for concern for those who live there.
The extremes of the Eastern Suburbs have not found a home in Hunters Hill as they have elsewhere. Properties appear on the market relatively rarely, often changing hands within families. Yet Hunters Hill has quietly amassed the reputation of being a haven of peace for those with the wherewithal to appreciate it.
The sheer size of Hunters hill comes as a surprise to those who venture for the first time down to its leafy streets. It stretched six kilometres down the harbour from Boronia Park and Tarban Creek, in a narrow and irregular peninsula, to Woolwich, just one hundred metres from Greenwich Point. Contained in this area, excluding Boronia Park, are over two and a half thousand homes.
On a small promontory jutting southwards into the harbour, at the midpoint of the suburb, stands the Pulpit Point Estate. It enjoys over a kilometre of water frontage stretching from ern Bay round the point itself. The predominant view from the estate is to the East, down the harbour to the Bridge and beyond.

Timeless Architecture

Hunters Hill sister suburb, Le Vesinet, has provided much of the inspiration for the architectural style of Pulpit Point. Buildings which are as relevant today as they were in the mid-nineteenth century, which have stood the tests of time and the changes in fashion. Buildings which will be pleasant and comfortable to live in, and with, for another hundred years or more.

Pulpit Point adds yet another dimension, that of the water. The views, the convenience and proximity to the city, a marina at your door.

No two buildings will be the same in Pulpit Point, yet all will share a similar texture and feel. They will, by virtue of design, landscaping and position within the estate, blend with the Hunters Hill surroundings and form an integral part of the suburb.

Apartment and townhouse buildings will, from the street, appear to be a single dwelling until the entrance is attained.

Construction materials and finishes will be to a very high standard. So much so, in fact, that the partners are pleased to offer, in addition to the normal warranties one expects and the law demands from licensed builders, an unconditional guarantee for a period of one year from the date of settlement.